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Ants are one of the most common structure invading pests we deal with at Lewis Pest Control. They crawl on the countertops, get in the dishwasher, and even sometimes appear as if they are coming out of the drains! Ants leave a scent trail for others to follow leading them to food and water sources. Since they can nest in walls, under siding, in the crawlspaces, or even under the foundation, they can be one of the most difficult and frustrating pests to deal with. Many stores and websites offer chemicals and baits to help deal with ants, but they are often used in the wrong way. This not only makes them ineffective but potentially dangerous as well, especially if the person is unfamiliar with pesticides. Certain chemicals can even trap ants inside your home, making them even more difficult to get rid of. 

Our services areas include (but are not limited to) Chester, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Midlothian, Mechanicsville, Richmond, Tri-Cities, and surrounding areas.

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If you are having an ant problem in your home or business, don’t waste another dime on another product and call the professionals at Lewis Pest Control! We treat ant infestations with a combination of baits and liquids injected into the cracks and crevices they originate from. We also do our best to locate and destroy the colony by inspecting around and under the home, eliminating the ant problem at the source! 

If you are hesitant to contact a pest control company because of being pressured into signing a yearly contract, don’t be. We understand that the annual Spring invasion of ants can be the only pest problem many people have, so we offer a one-time service with a 30-day guarantee to solve your ant problem. No contracts! 

Call us today at 804-735-0100 to discuss your ant issues and see how we can help!