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No one wants mice in their home...they call us for rodent removal service

Mice and rats are an unwelcome sight in our homes and businesses. They chew on pipes, insulation, and even electrical wires creating a fire hazard. Their urine and droppings can trigger allergies, cause unpleasant smells, and spread diseases such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. 

Mice can also track food-borne illnesses such as salmonella. Many people try to handle rodent issues themselves, without realizing where they are coming from or correcting what causes them to enter homes and businesses in the first place. 

If you are struggling with mice in your home, then it’s time to call Lewis Pest Control for rodent removal!

Rodents are unwelcome guests

... and our technicians know where to find them

Our technicians are trained to find rodent activity, points of entry, and environmental factors contributing to the mouse or rat infestation. Often rodents will enter homes through gaps around A/C lines, open crawlspace vents, gaps under entry doors, and even around the roof-line. Rats are even able to dig tunnels under the foundation of a house, coming up inside the crawlspace! Once inside they move around the crawlspaces, basements, drop ceilings, and attics to access kitchens, pantries, break rooms, and storage rooms in search of shelter and food.

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Special attention is given to those areas where rodent activity is found. Once the mice or rats have been removed, those entry points can be sealed to prevent rodents from entering in the future. However, since rodents do have the ability to chew through many forms of material, including sheet metal, monthly or quarterly services are available to make sure if rodents do reappear, they are taken care of before a problem occurs. 

This is done by leaving monitoring or baiting stations in places rodents are likely to enter, such as garages, crawlspaces, and attics. For many commercial properties where exclusion is difficult due to open dock doors, exterior bait stations can help prevent rodents from entering by taking care of them outside before they have a chance to become problems inside.

So if you are having issues with mice or rats in your home or place of business and wish to be rodent-free, call the professionals at Lewis Pest Control to schedule an appointment or discuss service options!

Our services areas include but not limited to Chester, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Midlothian, Mechanicsville, Richmond, Tri-Cities, and surrounding areas.