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Tired of seeing spiders and their webs around your home?

Unlike most pests who spread disease, create allergens, or destroy our homes, spiders do none of these. Some spiders such as the black widow and brown recluse do possess a very harmful bite and should be avoided if possible, but most are harmless to humans. Many are considered beneficial to have around as they prey upon and eat other insects that are harmful the humans, our pets, or our gardens. Still, many people are afraid of spiders and their webs can be a source of annoyance when we walk through them. Their webs can also make a home look unsightly not only on the inside but the outside as they become more visible collecting leaves and other falling debris.
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If you are tired of seeing spiders or knocking down their webs only to watch them built back the next day, then give the professionals at Lewis Pest Control a call! We will treat the home inside and out for spiders, knock down the webs and treat those areas so they don’t come back. Since spiders are predators and make their webs at locations they can easily catch a meal, we will inspect to see if there is another pest issue occurring and causing them to select your home to make their webs.

To make sure the webs never come back, ask about our quarterly pest control service. We will knock down any webs we see during the service and treat those areas to ensure spiders never make webs there again!

Service areas include Richmond, Midlothian, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.

Call us today at 804-735-0100 to discuss your spider problems and discover how we can help!