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Are you hearing the sound of something running or scratching in your attic? Have you seen squirrels running across your roof and disappear into your home? Have you tried unsuccessfully to trap a problem squirrel only to find an empty trap day after day? 

Then it may be time to call the wildlife experts at Lewis Pest Control. Our licensed staff is prepared to handle a wide variety of situations dealing with both gray and flying squirrels.

Problems Caused by Squirrels

Squirrels can cause a wide variety of damage to your home if left unchecked. They will chew on beams, rafters, and wiring. They will shred and pile up insulation. 

Flying squirrels are not housebroken and will accumulate feces and urine inside your house. Squirrels will also chew through shingles, wood, and even metal gutters to get into your attic, allowing rain and snow to get inside and cause further damage. 

Other wildlife such as bats, birds, and mice may also begin to use the holes to enter your home. 

brown squirrel removal rva

Why Choose Us?

Lewis Pest Control offers over 20 years of experience dealing with squirrel issues. Our goal is to stop the problem squirrels from getting into your home and removing them as quickly as possible. We won’t just come out with a cage trap and bait, place them out and tell you to give us a call once we have one. That could take days or even weeks to work, if at all. 

We have a wide variety of squirrel traps and use the one that will best take care of your problem in the shortest amount of time. So if you’re ready for your home to be squirrel-free, give us a call for an inspection today!

Call us today at 804-735-0100 to discuss your wildlife issues and see how we can help!